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About me


Training und Therapy out of one Hand.

Sport is my passion - whether surfing, snowboarding, football matches, triathlon events or power workouts. During my 17 years as a professional football player, I also got to know the sport as a profession and learned how important your own health is.


Without a perfect balance between training and recovery, you will not be able to get an optimal performance. Several factors play an important role here: nutrition is just as important as the weekly training or the treatment and recovery phases in between. Also our everyday life has an influence on our health and our well-being: Stress at work, deadlines, meetings, leisure activities or the family challenges us again and again to a new one. All this demands a lot from our body. It is really important to eat healthily and keep yourself fit. If we will do our best we will be best prepared for our life challenges.


In my active career as a competitive athlete, I suffered some injuries and went through several rehabs where I learned a lot. Since our body needs support at very different levels, I came across osteopathy, which pursues a holistic approach in treatment. Thanks to the holistic  treatment approaches, I have always returned stronger from my injuries on the football field. After my active career, it was my motivation to combine fitness and health.  To train and treat athletes and people in their daily life.




  • Osteopathy studies at College Sutherland with  5620 hours of workload

  • Degree as a Heilpraktiker at the Health Department in Hamburg/Germany

  • Selfemployed as an Osteopath in at the Endo-Clinic Hamburg/Germany

  • Selfemployed as a Personal- and Athletik Trainer Endo-Clininc Hamburg/Germany

  • Rehab Coach ( Meridian Academy)

  • Nutrition Coach (Meridian Academy)

  • Basic Fitness License (Meridian Academy)

  • Life Kinetik Coach

  • Professional Footballplayer VfB Stuttgart, FC St.Pauli, Karlsruher SC and                               New England Revolution (MLS)

Further education
  • Functional Neurology with Brain Based Chiropractic 

  • OMT-Masterclass Osteopathic  & Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation

  • Seminar in Orthomolecular- und Micronutrient  therapy 

  • DÄGAK- Diplom in Applied Kinesiology 

  •  OS Coach at OS Institut: Movement for  Orthopedic  & Sportsmedicine

- OS Functional Assessment & Training

- OS Functional Rehab: Upper, lower extremity  & Spine

- OS Athletic Training


since 2018
  • Osteopath and Rehab Coach at FC St.Pauli (2. Bundesliga)

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