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Personal Training


Performance enhancement, weight loss, muscle growth, rehabilitation training, functional training, athletic training, endurance training, fascia training, Coretraining, coordination and exercise training, cognitive enhancements and much more. Whatever you imagine, I'll create an individual training plan with you and help you to achieve your personal goals. And do not worry - with all ambition and all science, fun is always really important.




After a detailed anamnesis interview, the patient is examined to identify possible limitations of function or movement. Depending on the symptoms, there may be a different duration of treatment and different numbers of sessions.

Osteopathic treatments can also be very well used preventively to promote health and prevent disease. This is very advisable even for babies and kids, to be examined and treated in a holistic way. Especially in the first months of life and years could be detected possible blockages and thus a better development of the child are possible. Osteopathy makes no promise of healing, but supports the body in its function and its self-healing power, which everyone has.


For Germany:

If you are insured by social security, there is a fee for 150 €. For private and additional insured is charged on the fee regulation for non-medical practitioners. Many statutory and private health insurances subsidize or even completely take over the osteopathic treatment. What funding there is depends on the respective fund. Here is an information how much are the health insurances are paying.

For Portugal:

The treatment fee is about 90 € and has to be paid in cash or by debit card after the treatment.

A first treatment lasts between 30 and 60 min, it depends on problem we have to solve. 

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